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  • Trevor bolton

Welcome to my Blog

Updated: Aug 17, 2020

I intend the use this blog to try and explain and develop some of the ideas and themes that run through our work, but in this first entry I thought I would share what I believe to be the cornerstones upon which the business is being built.


The first is Experience – I have spent 30+ years working within the university sector taking every job from Lecturer to Dean to Pro Vice Chancellor. My Associates bring similar and related experience. Experience is hard won and should not be undervalued – we make it count in what we do.


For years I have been a ferocious networker. Part of my role is to bring together the various parts of my network to explore where synergies may exist. Networks extend beyond the university sector to encompass other parts of the education sector in the UK and overseas as well as businesses, local and national governments, regulatory bodies and more. Networks are important and should be nurtured.

An International view

Education works best when it is not parochial or focussed on entirely local challenges. Much of my previous role allowed me to work in various parts of the world and I enjoyed many of the challenges I encountered. I believe passionately in the power and importance of being international in outlook and action. I still retain strong links with South East Asia, South Asia, China, the Americas as well as Europe.


I am passionate about knowing more. To this end, I serve on the boards of a Higher Education Institution, a Further Education College and an Access Course Awarding Board. In the past I have been a school governor, a Trustee of a Multi-Academy Trust and director of several companies. Governance roles help to develop an important and different insight into how organisations run and the challenges they face. I serve (or have served on) Audit and Risk Committees, Remuneration Committees and Estates Committees. Last year I contributed to the appointment of a new CEO.

People and Enthusiasm

I am excited about engaging in new projects with interesting people. When I started the Company I said I only wanted to do interesting projects with people I like – I’ve been lucky so far!


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