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What We Do

We offer support to ambitious further and higher education institutions seeking growth.

We will work with you to explore your organisation’s potential for growth and identify new opportunities within the markets in which you operate. We will also investigate new markets and conduct shrewd market analyses of potential opportunities. If appropriate, we will seek out partners to form strategic alliances. We will think laterally, exploring other places where growth is possible, as well as develop existing routes for growth in non-traditional ways.



  • We can undertake environment scanning

  • We can seek out and identify new business opportunities

  • We can undertake research into new markets

  • We specialise in Transnational market

  • We are shrewd, analytical and considered in our approach

  • We tailor our activities to your needs



  • We are highly experienced educators and trainers

  • We can help build capacity by building skills

  • We can develop training programmes to address specific challenges

  • We believe training is key to developing people



  • We can help evaluate and develop your Quality Management Systems

  • We can help you address specific quality problems

  • We can conduct Quality Audits

  • We believe Quality needs to be managed to be delivered



  • We can evaluate alterative growth opportunities

  • We can broker strategic alliances with like-minded organisations

  • We can develop new models of growth

  • We always seek to develop a deep understanding of your needs

  • We will always seek alternative viewpoints and opportunities



  • All organisations need to build a critically supportive and challenging Board

  • We can work with your board to sharpen their critical skills and strategic thinking

  • We believe in the critical role of Boards and believe we have the skills make boards better


  • We support the role of Boards as ‘Critical Friends’ and believe we can develop this capacity in Board Members


Other Services

  • Talk to us about what else we can do for your organisation

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